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New Sponsors and Advertisers

These are the newest sponsors and advertisers for the SLMA.  Their generosity makes it possible for the association to deliver news, articles and recognition for the Sales Lead Management Community.

Vanilla Soft   Performark   OppSource   PointClear   RainToday


SLMA Launches New Blog!

Sales Lead Management Today  - Re-subscribe

The Sales Lead Management Association has launched a new blog in a new format.  The new blog will be dedicated to probing questions and answers to help marketing and sales management solve issues in sales lead management and sales lead generation.  It will be our effort to avoid lightweight self-serving issues and questions.   We promise to not sugar-coat issues, paint over problems, or avoid controversy. 

Our latest entries include:

The time is now for sales and marketing to align 

Excerpts from this B2B article.

Phil Fernandez, CEO of Marketo interviews SLMA CEO James Obermayer in a no-holds barred discussion about sales lead management and marketing automation taken on the floor of DreamForce 2010.

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SLMA’s Industry Leader News on the home page is a Fast Reference

Want to know what’s happening for the Industry Leaders in this special section?   For the latest news, click on each name in the Industry Leaders Section and a window will open from their RSS feed. How cool is that?  Each day their new information is also pushed out onto Twitter and other social media outlets. 

Exceed Sales: Track Lead Source Data: Why Knowing Your Sources is SO Important
VanillaSoft:  Lead Management Software – Are you Ready to Pull the Trigger in 2011?
Kern Organization:  Account Coordinators/Executives Wanted for DM Agency
Event Technologies: Market the Value not the Features
Validar:  Multiple Campaign Assignments for Lead or Contact now available in Lead Import
Active Conversion:  Market the Value not the Features
Marketo:  American Privacy 2011 – Empowering the Consumer
LeadMaster: New Feature – Workflow Process for Assigning Records
SmartLead:  SmartLead by AdTrack Partners in Award-Winning Marketing Program
InterlinkOne: How-To: Add a YouTube Video to a Landing Page
Vanella Group: Impact of Marketing Automation, CEO's from Marketo and Eloqua at Dreamforce





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Listen to CEO and CMO’s on SLMA Radio Live or Subscribe

Every Thursday at 5 PM, PST time SLMA Radio has live interviews with industry leading CEOs and CMOs.  If you can’t listen live, subscribe to the show via these poplar links and listen at your leisure. 

SLMA Radio has interviewed 36 CE0’s or CMO about their companies and the future of their industries since July 29th, 2010. 

Nearly 5,000 listeners have accessed the opinions of the industry leaders since Will Crist the SLMA Radio host interviewed Dan McDade, Phil Fernandez, Laura Patterson, Jill Konrath,  Fred Yee, Marge Bieler,  Carlos Hidalgo,  Bill Nussey, Jeff Solomon, Jeff Pedowitz, Micheal Falkson, Phil Fernandez, Anneke Seley,  Michael Michalowicz, Paul Staelin, Andrew Gaffney , John Foley, Lisa Cramer, Russell Kern,  Michael Michalowicz, Ruth P. Stevens,  Ken Murray, Michael A Brown, Debbie Qaqish,  Sally Lowery,  John Hasbrouck, Bill Godfrey, Larry Ritter, J. David Green, Mac McIntosh, Joerg Rathenberg, Joseph Payne, Gary Slack,  Andy Brownell, Marge Murphy, and Dan Rogers.


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20 Women to Watch sponsors - please enable images
SLMA Launches
20 Women to Watch in Sales Lead Management in 2011

The Sales Lead Management Association (SLMA), on January 3rd, 2011 opened up nominationsto for the 2011 SLMA 20 Women to Watch in Sales Lead Management on January 3rd, 2011. The SLMA will recognize the contributions of all women who are involved in the vital discipline of managing sales leads. These women can be in marketing or sales at B2B and B2C companies; CRM, marketing automation, or lead generation firms; telemarketing, lead management software, exhibits management or lead management service companies and agencies (direct, brand, PR and internet).

Nominations will be posted for all to read on the SLMA site. Nominees will be judged on their contributions to a combination of marketing, sales and sales lead management efforts. Additional qualifications such as board positions, book and article authorships, and speaking on behalf of the subject of sales lead management will be taken into account. This contest is not based on popularity. International nominations are encouraged. Nominations of CMOs and those in marketing at non-vendor companies are encouraged.

Final selection of the SLMA 20 Women to Watch is at the discretion of the judging committee (SLMA staff, plus three industry professionals).   Ties will be resolved by the SLMA staff.   For complete rules and submission forms, click here.

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(PDF) Sales Force Optimization: A Self Assessment

- by Glen S. Peterson, Competitive Performance.

The profession of sales has traditionally operated with a certain mystique, lending an aura as an art form. At some level, this mystique is probably accurate in that many sales organizations are often unaware of what is working and why. This condition is reflected in budgeting and planning processes where revenue increases are loosely tied to strategies and budgeting is extrapolated on history as opposed to cause and effect. Though these techniques have worked in the past, the competitive landscape is changing at a speed that demands insight and will penalize those who operate on hope. Success will be predicted on the ability to position a relevant value proposition and deliver said value at a superior level of profitability. These demands imply the ability to maximize the impact of the sales force, in other words, create and sustain optimal performance.

Download the PDF here >>

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(PDF) Lead Management Best Practices

- by

Companies are pouring millions of dollars into marketing to generate leads. Of these leads, 80% will never be converted to sales. This dismal return on investment is the result of poor lead management — handing off leads to sales before the opportunity has been qualified. What is worse, according to a 2009 study by CSO Insights, 50% of all leads being actively
pursued by the sales team have been generated by the sales team themselves— not marketing. The system is broken. Lead Management Best Practices presents a new, more effective approach to lead management.

With increasingly more complex selling and buying cycles, top-performing companies invest in lead management to maximize the performance of both marketing and sales. Compared to those lacking an effective lead management strategy, these companies enjoy higher revenue through increased sales-ready opportunities and lower overall cost per qualified
lead. What these companies have discovered is that implementing lead management from an integrated, holistic approach — including content marketing, lead capture, lead nurturing, lead scoring, opportunity handoff, and lead funnel measurement— yields better results than applying one or two elements of lead management alone.

Download the PDF here >>

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I.T. Marketing Flops with This I.T. Honcho

by: Michael A. Brown

My buddy Greg (not his real name) is the kind of guy that IT marketing and sales people would give their eye-teeth to pitch. He is a high mogul in the office of the Chief Technical Officer at a very big technology firm. What a lead!

Some people do try to reach and influence Greg. And in a recent conversation, he told me that many of their approaches fail quite badly.

MAB: "What do they do wrong?"

Greg: "Where to start? For one, after my admin registered me for a conference, I began getting e-mails. It started as a trickle, but as the list got around, it has grown to ten a day. It’s quite annoying and impersonal … they put my name on it, but the rest is generic."

MAB: "What is the content like?"

Read the full article >>

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Managing Sales Leads
"Turning Cold Prospects into
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Managing Sales Leads
What the experts are saying.
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