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Mentoring is NOT a to-do list and handbook of stock answers.

Authenticity without filters can just be mean and unprofessional

How "good enough" is infecting Marketing

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You're kidding, that came out of our markewting automation program?



Mentoring is NOT a to-do list and handbook of stock answers.

stop hypothesizing

There is a neon yellow line with sirens line flashing between mentoring and spoon-feeding people who are too lazy to try to find the answers on their own. It's not entirely their fault. I happen to know a ton of helicopter parents BREEDING this method of giving answers to their children - many of whom are over 20. Perhaps it's because I came from a larger family, was the baby of six, or just because that's what you do - figure it OUT. Try it at least.

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Authenticity without filters can just be mean and unprofessional


We are all taught that adage "honesty is the best policy" from a very young age - partly because it somewhat rhymes. Further definition to "honesty" needs to be given. We can be honest in admitting mistakes - rather than denying them. We can give an honest opinion on a topic or product. This does not mean abandon all courteous filters. How many times lately have you read or heard about being "authentic" and "genuine?" I purposely use the big air quotes here because these words are being tossed around by many as an excuse to blather on about their flaws, dirty laundry and heavily biased, rude opinions on anything, everything and everyone. The words are so over-used that in some of my circles we have put a moratorium on the words to stop the misuse.

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How "good enough" is infecting Marketing

Good enough.

"Every success is built on the ability to do better than 'good enough'" Successful marketers - - those who create programs that generate revenue and prove ROI - - don't believe in the philosophy of "that's good enough." The 'good enough' syndrome is infecting marketing departments, and it leads to:

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guestIs Marketing Automation Right for Every Company?
Howard Sewell has opinions, driven by expertise and experience, that few have. Jim Obermayer, SLMA Radio host will interview Howard and discuss the criteria for a company considering implementing a marketing automation system. It isn't for everyone but everyone should know why or why not it makes sense for them. You'll learn:

  • What are the key criteria that make a company an ideal candidate for marketing automation?
  • How should a company prepare to make sure they get the most from marketing automation?
  • Where do companies fall short with marketing automation? What are the pitfalls to avoid?
  • Realistically, what are the necessary resources a company needs to be successful with marketing automation?
  • What's the best way to choose a marketing automation solution? What should companies look for?

Don't miss shows by Continuum and LeadSpace, too, following our show.


July 17:  
Nilolaus Kimla

Eric Quanstrom

Why Pipeliner CRM could be the first serious challenger to SalesForce

In this fast-paced interview, CMO Eric Quanstrom makes the thoughtful, bold statement, that of all the CRM systems, only Pipleliner CRM is a serious challenger to SalesForce dominance in the CRM space. Eric contents it is their entire approach that will be welcomed by salespeople and copied by other CRM companies as the future of CRM.

Listen here >

Tim Ash

Solving the Biggest Failure on the Web: Conversion Rate Optimization

Tim Ash, noted author and conversion rate champion, tackles a subject that is a catastrophic failure for 95% of the companies that publish a web site, which is almost everyone.

Listen here >

July 10:  
Mike Blumenthal

Susan Finch

Stephan Hovnanian

If I had a nickel: Detangling da'Google with Google Local and getting FOUND!
B2C and Brick & Mortar Listen Up!

Mike Blumenthal, aka Mr. Google Business and Google Local Joins Susan Finch & Stephan Hovnanian

They covered local search presence and what business owners need to know. We'll also get into some unravel issues that come up.

This show will cover two parts. First, FINDING all versions of you and your business on Google... How do they search for that on Local, the new business pages, YouTube and G+.

This was originally a live event on YouTube

Watch here >

Here is the gift for today's show - a PDF checklist to get you started. I'll post it early so you can do some checking before the show:
The PDF gift is here

July 3:  
Michelle Jacobs

Matt Hertig

How to stop wasting marketing dollars on non-revenue tactics

Michelle Jacobs and Matt Hertig of Alight Analytics discuss how multi-channel marketing analytics can help companies be more efficient with every marketing dollar. Marketing management today has pressure to spend money on things that work and leave the rest for their competitors. Michelle and Matt share how they use ChannelMix Big Data Warehouse to increase sales online and offline for their customers. >

Listen here >


Patrick McClure - Connexia Group

ROI Moment

ROI Moment: "The problem is, we need sales training..." Really? Is that it?
Patrick McClure is a Proven Sales Manager and Executive with the ability to quickly determine critical problems and their root causes.

Listen here >


John Golden

SLMA Special Program: Sorry for the inconvenience but social selling is a revolution

John Golden, author of Social Upheaval How to Win @ Social Selling, former CEO and president of Huthwaite, and currently president of Focused Revenue Results, will be interview by SLMA Radio host Jim Obermayer to discuss his latest work Social Upheaval. Golden makes the case that social media is slanting the playing field in favor of the buyer at the salesperson's expense. At the same time, he says if you cannot sell off-line, you cannot sell on-line. Obermayer says he looks forward to this interview more than almost any other in recent memory and this program on SLMA Radio will take up the entire 55 minute segment.

Listen here >



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