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It's Time CEOs Held Sales Managers Accountable

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20 Women to Watch 2014

Meet those selected as the 20 Women to Watch in Sales Lead Management.

CEO James W. Obermayer said, "The 20 women to watch in sales lead management create wealth for their employers and the companies they lead, and we are pleased to spotlight their accomplishments."

Ron Goodman, SLMA's VP of Business Development said, "We take pleasure in recognizing the leadership of those nominated and those that were chosen by a panel of judges. The 20 Women to Watch in Sales Lead Management, and their photos, appear on the SLMA site."

SLMA members nominated 41 women leaders in the field of sales lead management; from those nominated, 20 were selected. Nominees were judged on their contributions to sales lead management, marketing and sales activities. Additional qualifications, such as board positions, and authorships, were taken into account. The judges were:

Susan Fantle The Copy Works
Ruth P. Stevens eMarketing Strategy
Victor Kippes Validar

Read the list here >


Can I see a show of hands, all those in favor of more qualified leads say, AYE!



It's Time CEOs Held Sales Managers Accountable

sales funnelIt is time to take the gloves off and focus on the national tragedy that has plagued B2B sales for 50 years. The tragedy and failure lies squarely at the doorstep of sales managers that are given inquiries and leads and do not make it a policy that their sales people follow them up.

It is a tragedy for the sales manager that is too stubborn or unwitting to know when he or she has been given a gift for making quota; tragedy for the salespeople who are not led and taught and convinced that their future lies in the leads given to them by marketing; tragedy for the stock holders that suffer as 2-20% of every revenue dollar is spent on marketing and 90% of that is wasted.

Full post >


Would You Like Your Own Internet Radio Program?
SLMA Launches Radio Channel for Marketing and Sales Programs

SLMALIVEInternet radio is great, because while others think eyeballs are good, we think ears are better. Ears on internet radio listen for 20-30 minutes at a time. These aren't clicks, these are people who want to listen to interviews, experts, commentators, tips and tricks, humor and stories; this is live (and yes replayed) internet radio programming. And you, your company, your products and your story can be on internet radio for pennies per listener hour.

Internet radio is increasingly a popular source for information. And now, after more than three years, and 175 programs and interviews (with 275 C-level executives) which brought 40,000 hours of programming to listeners, the Sales Lead Management Association is expanding from its own radio show and launching its internet radio channel, SLMALive.

The SLMALive Channel will initially have eight, 30-minute program slots every Thursday. Eventually, we will expand into a second and third day of programming. The thought behind the channel is to deliver continuous hours of programming for listeners, though their computers, tablets, and even smartphones, while they work or on the go, or from their iTunes subscription. I am listening to an episode right now as I write this (The Eight Pillars of Demand Generation for Revenue Acceleration).

SLMALive programs will focus on marketing and sales solutions for B2B and B2C C-level listeners, as well as others employed in marketing and sales roles.
Internet Radio:

  • Is easier to produce than a webinar and hugely less expensive.
  • Presents the host's expertise and knowledge in a more friendly, less threatening manner.
  • Is more convenient and easier than an internet televised program or seminars.
  • Is social media sensitive.
  • Delivers "ears" for hours at a time for pennies per listener, not dollars for click and a 30-second visit to your website.
  • Is heard again and again, as 'episodes,' at the listener's convenience.

Suggested Program Content: 

  • Interviews with your clients or customers
  • "How to" subjects
  • Stories and topical discussions
  • Case studies
  • Discussions with guests about industry subjects
  • Product reviews
  • Rants
  • Product introductions
  • Your company news
  • Employee news
  • Training
  • Testimonial interviews

Want to know more
Go here or listen now to YouTube HOA (Hangout on Air) between Susan Finch and Jim Obermayer about the benefits of and excitement around internet radio from SLMALive. Or contact SLMA's VP of Business Development, our own internet radio expert, Ron Goodman T. 510.471.3874.




Is Branding Dead in a Digital World?
Bart Young of the Young Group Tells All.



March 19: March 11: March 3: February 24:
Linda Zimmer

Crisis Communications: Flight or Fight plan with Linda Zimmer

A crisis communications plan is critical for all businesses. When you are in crisis is too late. Join me as we hear from Marketing Communications Expert, +Linda Zimmer . Linda is person to follow, know and learn from. She can be found EVERYWHERE that is digital and is called upon from companies and institutions around the world for guidance, planning and education
Wade Perry, Managing Broker Coldwell Banker Devonshire

The Eight Pillars of Demand Generation for Revenue Acceleration

SLMA Radio Host Jim Obermayer interviews agency founder, president and author Russell Kern about is his up-coming book, The Eight Pillars of Demand Generation for Revenue Acceleration. In this interview Russell tackles the reasons for developing the Eight Pillars of demand generation and revenue acceleration.
Aaron Ross

Create Predictable, Scalable Sales Revenue

Host Jim Obermayer interviews Aaron Ross, best-selling author of Predictable Revenue. Ross reaches back into his experience at to share a method he has created to allow any company to create predictable revenue.

RevTalks 2014

CMO Salaries and Integrated Marketing Summit Review

Host Jim Obermayer discusses with Paul Roberts of OC Talk Radio, about the compensation programs for CMOs. interviews from the Integrated Market Summit Conference in San Diego. Shawn Ellridge, Shawn Flaherty of ITX Corporation, Mac McIntosh from Acquire B2B, Jennifer Allen from Victor Marketing, and Julie Newmark from Outward Media Inc.
Watch here > Listen here > Listen here > Listen here >


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