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Industry Leader News

You may have started to notice the right column of the home page. This list to the right will be included in the newsletter. This is YOUR news - the news by industry leaders.

If your site or blog has an RSS or XML feed available, you can be a part of this elite list.


Here's how it works:

First - do you have a site or blog that generates and XML or RSS feed? If not, this may not work for you. If you are not sure, ask us. We can help you determine if you have a feed available.

Then, send Jim Obermayer a note expressing interest. Include your company name, the link to your site with the xml feed.     It is $40/month and must be paid for the full year in advance. ($480/year). 

Next, Susan Finch, our web solutions provider, will create a feed in Google's Feedburner, set up a subscribe form, create the page on the SLMA site that will pull in the feed from your site. We'll need your logo to pretty up your Industry Leader News page. Logo needs to be a jpg or gif 200 pixels by 300 pixels max.

If you already have a sponsor page, your feed will also be added to that page.

If you send us your company blurb, we'll add up to two paragraphs. We reserve the right to edit content and over-linking back to you site. Please limit to three links in any content you supply for these pages.

The feed we set up will also push to the @salesldmgmtassn twitter account once a day on your behalf. It also notifies all services with a ping as your new content is viewed by Feedburner.


What does this mean to you?

It means that when you post new content, we bring it into our site, push it to OUR twitter account and through our feeds to all services on your behalf. This gives it more weight because it's coming from another source giving you more strength in the search engines. You can even request to have your # added to the post to our twitter account.

Your news page will be linked in the right of the SLMA site. The page will have your contact information, basic company info and a form for people to subscribe to the feed we've set up for you. All of this means more exposure for your site/blog and company!

What do you think? Ready to sign up.

Email Jim!





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