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SLMA College of Fellows


Guidelines for Application  2013 SLMA College of Fellows

Who can apply:

  • You must be an SLMA member.  Member is free. You can join here >
  • Have a minimum of 15 years' experience (180 months) in the field of marketing or a minimum of 10 years as a marketer and 5 years in sales and/or sales management or as an educator.
  • As an educator you must show that at least 50% of your time has been spent in the field of marketing education.
  • Through your works (speaking, articles, blog, or books, you must demonstrate a knowledge of sales lead management processes.

Membership Criteria for SLMA College of Fellows

Provide evidence that you meet all criteria for becoming an SLMA Fellow:
  • Demonstrated professional capability in the field of sales lead management.
  • Influencer in the field of sales lead management, which can include written works (books and articles). 
    *Note that articles and blog posts differ. 
  • Demonstrated leadership in the field of sales lead management.
  • Speaking publicly on the topic of sales lead management.
There are four areas we ask you to describe on the application.
  • Professional Qualifications
    • Academic achievements: degrees received (practical life experience in lieu of academic credentials are definitely acceptable).
    • Name the positions you have had in the field of sales lead management.  This can be as a B2B or B2C marketer, educator, employee or owner of a company that represents itself as being a part of the field of sales lead management.
  • Professional Capability
    • State at least five examples of your professional experiences that demonstrate your abilities as an educator, innovator or practitioner.  Use the following format: Situation and outcome due to your actions.  You may quote product development, research, lead management processes you put into practice, exceptional management, increases in sales that resulted from your management or programs.  Significant research on the subject of sales led management, closing ratios of sales leads, lead generation programs that were properly managed, etc. that that you have sponsored and published can be considered.
  • Leadership
    • Describe your leadership as a volunteer to promote the subject of sales lead management.  This can be as a mentor, educator, speaker (non-paid), workshop leader (non-paid).
    • Contributions to the industry; boards you have served on, profit or non-profit. 
  • Advancement of the profession of managing sales leads.
    • Have you written articles or books or blogs?  Have you written white papers or been a guest magazine contributor?  Have you sponsored specialized workshops, monthly meetings, videos or podcasts?
    • Have you been a role-model for others to follow, or a mentor to new people in the industry? Tell us about it.

STEP 2: Application Instructions >


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