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About Us

A sampling of the shows in the SLMALive Broadcast Network

Company Background

The Sales Lead Management Association was founded by James W. Obermayer, Susan A. Campanale and Mark L. Friedman.

  • The SLMA officially launched on October 1, 2007 and serves the Sales Lead Management community.
  • The company is privately held and has a diversified business model with revenues coming from sponsors, display advertising, the SLMA Radio Program, SLMALive an internet radio network, Sponsored Webinars, and Newsletter Advertising, Industry Leaders Links, Case Studies, Blog, etc.

SLMA Facts

  • Education: The SLMA education is divided into two categories: B2B and B2C.
  • There are approximately 300 articles from 60 authors on the SLMA site.
  • News: industry news about sales lead management is posted daily to the home page.
  • SLMA Radio Interviews industry CEOs or CMOs each program. SLMA Radio has interviewed 312 Level Executives on 205 episodes.
  • SLMALive is an internet radio channel that hosts programs from corporations that want their own radio programs.
  • Membership is approximately: 26% from c-level titles, 17% from marketing, 19% miscellaneous, 9% managers, 21% sales management, 1% academics, 1% agencies, 3% analysts, 3% Consultants .
  • Membership on December 31, 2013 totaled 7650 members.
  • Membership in the SLMA is free.
  • Membership is divided between B2B, B2C and academic members.

Worldwide Membership

  • 87% of the SLMA membership is in the United States, 13% spread around the globe.
  • SLMA Linkedin is a closed membership/discussion group with 3316 members.

Business Visibility

  • The SLMA sponsors the Sales Lead Management Week which will occur October 2014
  • The SLMA publishes a monthly newsletter to over 4,400 of its members and also a blog.
  • Each year the SLMA sponsors an election for the 50 Most Influential People in Sales Lead Management and it also sponsors a nomination program for the 20 Women to Watch in Sales Lead Management.



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James W. Obermayer CEO and Executive Director
Mark Friedman Executive Vice President
Susan Campanale Vice President of Marketing and Membership
Ronald P. Goodman VP Business Development 
Christel Hall Director of Public Relations
Will Crist Director of SLMA Radio
Paul Roberts Producer, SLMA Radio
Susan Finch Director of Online Services and Marketing
Stu Heinecke Contributing Editor


Sales Lead Management Association<sup>SM</sup> Member


Sales Lead Management Association Advisory Committee

The Sales Lead Management Advisory Committee is comprised of people who understand the discipline of sales lead management. The SLMA is looking for additional advisors from a contact center, one or more CRM Software companies and managers at companies who have risen to the challenge of managing inquiries. Members of the Advisory Board are asked for their opinions on various subjects. They must be open to hearing from people who have issues and may ask for their advice. They may contribute content to the Sales Lead Management Association web site. There will be no compensation just the occasional satisfaction of helping companies manage their inquiries in the most professional manner. Advisory Board Members are asked to serve a minimum of one year.

Requirements of an Advisor to the Board
  • Quarterly Calls. At least quarterly phone calls with SLMA management
  • Contributions. Contributions as an author for the SLMA site.
  • Expert. Willingness to be listed as an expert on the Ask the Experts page.
  • Committee. A willingness to serve on an SLMA committee as the association grows. We expect in the near future that we will form new committees to make recommendations for the different aspects of lead management.
Michael T. Alexander
Director of Client Relations
G. E. Pia & Company 
Registered Investment Advisor 
(626) 622-8000
Frank Jamison
Applied DM Research
(415) 884-9902 
Lisa J. Cramer
LeadLife Solutions, Inc.
(770) 670-6702
Dan McDade
President and Founder
(877) 582-9909
Richard A. Hagle
Racom Communications
(312) 494-0100
Dan Rime, CBC
Marketing Director
CDCE Incorporated 
(800) 373-5353
Christel K. Hall, APR CBC
PRowrite Public Relations
(775) 267-9232
Dan Rogers - Customer Acquisition Management
AdTrack Corporation
(800) 735-3237
Ruth P Stevens

eMarketing Strategy
(212) 679-6486

Matt Hill - Trade Show Training for Qualified Leads
The Hill Group - Seriously Fun Training
(408) 257-7828

Gordon Viggiano
My Brain LLC
503 305 8722




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