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50 Most Influential People
in Sales Lead Management in 2010


Congratulations to our winners!

December 6, 2010 --Los Angeles, CA--James W. Obermayer, CEO and executive director of the Sales Lead Management Association announced the results of the voting for the Most Influential People in Sales Lead Management in 2010.   5,810 votes were cast for 99 nominees by 3,786 people (each voter could choose up to three nominees).

Obermayer said, "The winning 50 men and women are creators of wealth and the voters have recognized their contributions in this increasingly important field of managing sales leads."  

Susan Campanale, VP of Marketing for the SLMA said, “The SLMA has assumed the cheerleader’s role in promoting the importance of all facets of managing sales leads.  These people are recognized by their peers as extreme players in the pursuit of ROI for marketing expenditures.”

2009 & 2010
Mac McIntosh
Mac McIntosh - Mac McIntosh Inc. 2009-2010
Carlos Hidalgo
Carlos Hidalgo - The Annuitas Group 2009-2010
Jay Hidalgo
Jay Hidalgo - Annuitas Group 2009-2010
Jenny Vance
Jenny Vance - LeadJen  
Steve Woods
Steve Woods - Eloqua 2009-2010
Scott Zimmerman
Scott Zimmerman - The Cyrano Service  
Lisa Cramer
Lisa Cramer - LeadLife Solutions 2009-2010
Joe Payne
Joe Payne - Eloqua 2009-2010
Cliff Langston
Cliff Langston - Leads To Sales  
Russell Kern
Russell Kern - The Kern Organization 2009-2010
karen Sheehey
Karen Sheehey - interlinkONE  
Laura McGuire
Laura McGuire - Saligent dba SmartTracks 2009-2010
Trish Bertuzzi
Trish Bertuzzi - The Bridge Group 2009-2010
Dan McDade
Dan McDade - PointClear 2009-2010
Jill Konrath
Jill Konrath - Selling to Big Companies 2009-2010
Phil Fernandez
Phil Fernandez - Marketo 2009-2010
Karla Blalock
Karla Blalock - PointClear  
Bill Goldsmith
Bill Goldsmith - Bill Goldsmith Productions
Bill Goldsmith Productions  
Ruth Stevens
Ruth P. Stevens - eMarketing Strategy 2009-2010
Jeff Pedowitze
Jeff Pedowitz - The Pedowitz Group  
Joe Lethert
Joe Lethert - Performark 2009-2010
Elisa Ciarametaro
Elisa Ciarametaro - Exceed Sales
Exceed Sales  
Keith Wolf - Virtual Appoint  
Brian Carroll
Brian Carroll - InTouch 2009-2010
Chris Tremblay
Chris Tremblay - Event Technologies  
Bill Nussey - Silverpop 2009-2010
Maria Pergolino
Maria Pergolino - Marketo  
John Foley
John Foley - Grow Socially 2009-2010
Ann Handley
Ann Handley - Marketingprofs  
Debra DeCosta
Debra da Costa - Direct Marketing Partners  
Debbie Miller
Debbie Pierce - NitroMojo  
Jeff Solomon
Jeff Solomon - Leads360  
Andrew Gaffney
Andrew Gaffney - DemandGen Report 2009-2010
Dan J. Morefield
Dan Morefield - Leads360  
Tibor Shanto
Tibor Shanto - Renbor Sales Solutions Inc.  
Tom Judge
Tom Judge - Direct Marketing Partners 2009-2010
Michael Damphousse
Mike Damphousse - Green Leads  
Mary Dedrick
Mary Dedrick - Performark Inc 2009-2010
Anne Seley
Anneke Seley - Phone Works LLC  
Jim Steele
Jim Steele -
Dan rogers
Dan Rogers - SmartLead by The AdTrack Corporation
SmartLead 2009-2010
Mike Falkson
Mike Falkson - eti Sales Support  
Fred Yee
Fred Yee - ActiveConversion 2009-2010
April Brown
April Brown - Rubicon Marketing Group  
Bob Felsenthal
Bob Felsenthal - BtoB Magazine 2009-2010
Pete Gracey
Pete Gracey - AG Salesworks  
Michael A Brown
Michael A. Brown - Business to Business by Phone 2009-2010
Hilarie Koplow McAdams
Hilarie Koplow-McAdams -  
Bill Nussey
Bob Bly - TIE
Ken Murray
Ken Murray - VanillaSoft Inc TIE
Bob B. Miller
Robert B. Miller-  Miller Heiman Inc. TIE




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